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We are not Brokers

Fxprofund is a Funding Program is not a Broker. We do not provide retail trading account, we provide capital funds to individual forex traders. Trading on our platform is a privilege given to those who can master the skill of trading. Trading with our fund offers outstanding advantages, such as a fully funded account, no risks nor extra charges, and an incompatible growth scheme.

Looking for traders

Fxprofund Funding Program is not searching for investors. We do not accept any investors money. Our fund obtains sufficient funds that are of investment capital. We only invest from our self-sourced and available capital, ensuring that we can secure our traders with stable capital resources for their activity and growth.

Forex Traders

We are passionate about bringing this platform to our traders. We are proud to have used our vision and dedicated time to process our idea into a concrete concept. Join our platform to build a community of independent forex traders, who are motivated and willing to push to the front line to be awarded the profit of a lifetime.

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