Our Trading Challenge Rules

Trading Period
The Challenge duration is 30 calendar days, the Verification duration is 30 calendar days. If you manage to pass the Trading Objectives sooner, you do not need to wait for the remaining duration days. For example, if you pass all the Trading Objectives Challenge in just 11 days, no need to wait another 19 days. We will advance you to the Verification as soon as possible.
Minimum Trading Days
To meet this objective, you must have at least 10 active trading days during the challenge period some times 20. At least one position must be opened in each of these days. A trading day is defined as a day when at least one trade is executed. If a trade is held over multiple days, only the day when the trade was executed is considered to be the trading day.
Maximum Daily Loss
This rule can also be called “trader’s daily stop-loss”. According to our rules, this is set as 5% (10% in case of an Aggressive version) from the initial capital value. The rule says that in any moment of the day (CE(S)T – Central European Summer Time), the result of all closed positions in sum with the currently open floating P/Ls (profits/losses) must not hit the determined daily loss limit. Stop loss for Diamond is different from gold plan
Max Loss
10% of the initial capital gives trader enough space to prove that his/her account is suitable for the investment. It is a capital buffer that should keep the trader in the game even if there were some initial losses. The investor has an assurance that the trader’s account cannot decline below 90% of its value under any circumstance.
Profit Targets
Profit target means that a trader reaches a profit in the sum of closed positions on the assigned trading account anytime within 30 calendar days in the Challenge or anytime within 30 calendar days in the Verification. Also, at the end of the trading period, all positions must be closed.