Get paid
Get paid at the end of every month, fastest payment on earth
Payment Gateway
Get paid to your local bank account on completion of the given target
High returns
2-4 business days, your profit split will be in your local bank account

The account’s profit division is performed monthly, i.e. every 30th day from the first trade on the account. For instance, if a trader starts trading on January 5th, the profit split occurs on Feb 5th. we will contact you by email the day after your Profit Split with a simple invoicing instruction. The payouts are processed upon receipt of the invoice within 4-5 business days. Using a regular bank wire transfer, you can receive your profits.

It would be best if you achieved each profit targets as per the packages to receive the payments. If you don’t achieve the profit target and achieve some of the profit targets, you will not get paid. And the amount you have earned will not roll down to next month.

E-mail: accounts@fxprofund.com